At work I am...

A designer with experience in both the digital and analog worlds.

I've worked at small agencies and in-house at large companies both private and public.

My career has taken me from my hometown in New Jersey, to college in Philadelphia, to my first job in Buffalo, NY. I currently reside and work in the Metro Boston area.

A diverse range of positions has given me an equally wide range of skills. I've been part of marketing teams, engineering/product teams, and creative pods—and I'm as comfortable designing a 40-page direct mail catalog as I am sketching, prototyping and executing on user research to create a native iPhone app.


Outside of work I am...

Passionate about traveling
My most recent adventure was road-tripping from Austin, TX to Las Vegas, NV in October 2016. Over 12 days I visited 6 National Parks (and 3 National Monuments, and 7 National Forests), drove 2,300+ miles and hiked nearly 40 more. 

A competitive ultimate frisbee player
I play on a club women's team that practices regularly and travels around the country about once a month in the summer to compete against other top teams in the nation. I have been playing for 11 years.

An adventurous spirit
I like to try new things, from selfie sticks, to weird foods (I ate alpaca in Peru last year, though I couldn't convince myself to try the guinea pig), to new hobbies (I took up rock climbing a few winters ago and have since become addicted).


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